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Owners - Julie Puccini, right, and Monique Slayback


Intrepid Stores Inc. is a nonprofit public benefit corporation organized under the Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation Law for Charitable Purposes.  Our primary purposes is to provide disenfranchised individuals with hands-on training to foster the necessary skills to secure long-term employment opportunities.  


Julie Puccini and her partner Monique Slayback -  both former residents of Crossing the Jordan programs - took over the operation of Crossing The Jordan and creating a new nonprofit with the best parts of the former owners’ philosophies.


Our formula is simple. We depend on you to donate and shop at our retail stores. The revenues generated from the stores are used to pay our staff, providing them with job experience and training, who might find it hard to get hired elsewhere. We also use that money to help combat the financial burdens for people who struggle with addictions, homelessness, poverty, and criminal convictions.

We currently employ 25 people.

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